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Welcome to the National Martial Arts Academy

National Martial Arts Academy, NMAA-India, has been founded with the objective of providing high quality martial arts & fitness development programs. NMAA-India is a Martial Arts, Yoga & Fitness Academy that focuses on modern coaching methodologies and provides the most effective learning environment to produce champions of tomorrow.

We have the exclusive Master Rights for the “Martial Arts Education Program” (MAEP) designed by “National Martial Arts Academy” for India. NMAA-India offers Martial Arts Education to the entire age group right onwards till 5 years.

NMAA-India offers a complete Martial Arts Pathway to its Participants through an integrated Martial Arts development program with a well-defined and progressive road map. From learning the basics of fitness through fun and modified games, children get the opportunity to experience their martial arts development journey through sequential coaching programs resulting in development of their martial arts potential whilst simultaneously supporting their academic growth. Besides quality coaching, emphasis is placed on game scenario; match Practice & tournament preparation and playing performance.

 Franchise Association Highlights:

  • Leveraging on the most happening sport in the country – Martial Arts
    Rights to NMAA-India programs and the ‘Martial Arts Education Program” (MAEP) ‘ in Affiliation with National Martial Arts Committee, NMAC-India. 
  • Rights of usage of logos and branding
  • A globally recognized Martial Arts Program developed by World Martial Arts Games Committee-WMAGC-Germany.
  • Comprehensive Martial Arts operations procedures including parameters, policies and document templates and required Handholding 
  • NMAA-India trained coaches and coaching philosophies and methodologies;
  • NMAA-India training for selected Coaches and Coach Assessors;
  • NMAA-India Elite, National Camp & domestic and International tours
  • Structured Manuals, Training Planners, Coaching Collaterals and Handbooks

 About NMAC India & WMAGC

Welcome to the family of the National Martial Arts Committee-India Member of World Martial Arts Games Committee (WMAGC).  As a leading world martial arts group, we are in the privileged position to bring organization, strength, evolution and community to your athletes, members and customers through a family flair community.
WMAGC provides its members with unique sport development opportunities, practical support programs, events, education and the opportunity to network with the international sport community at the highest of levels. 
We hope that you and your organization will become part of the growing WMAGC family.  Together we are aiming for a united martial arts world and together we are strong.
This unique platform was founded in 2005 by Alfred Kleinschwaerzer (GER) and Ken Marchtaler (CAN). 


NMAA also provides the following necessary services to our clients:

  • Sound financial advice and services which we believe is of utmost importance for the well-being of sportsman later on in life. 
  • We offer advice on both short term and long term goals of our player’s and most importantly we create an awareness for savings from an early age.
  • One on one highly specialized training sessions which enables the players to tighten and neaten up on various aspects of their game.
  • Group sessions with a difference which are specifically planned for and hence the cricketers maximize from the session and the experience.
  • Athlete conditioning programmes through our highly qualified partners which is essential among martial artist, well sportsman.
  • High performance programs for cricketers that are really serious about taking their game to the next level and who are focused and disciplined. These programs cover body analysis, fitness specific video analysis, sports psychology, body assessments, nutrition plans and also the all important injury prevention techniques program


We are an organization that value ourselves on honesty, integrity and have a great work ethic as our principal foundation. NMAA specializes in the martial arts field and we aim to help aspiring martial artist from all backgrounds achieve not only their sports goals but also their life goals. NMAA believes highly in negotiating good deals for our athlete’s with various martial arts institutions both locally and abroad. Thus through our intensive one on one sessions and our guidance in the financial field we are attempting to provide the martial arts world with a well rounded individual.

NMMA believes highly in giving Budo the experience and opportunity of playing abroad and thus enabling them to experience and gain the knowledge of various conditions. This is a critical step in any young athlete ’s path on to becoming a professional martial artist down the line. We strive to do our best to assist the athletes achieve this in any way we can!


  •  Area Requirement - 2000 to 3000 Sqf
  • Franchise Fee - 1.50 Lakhs 



  • MAEP Education System 
  • Location Identification Support.
  • School Layout and space optimization.
  • Students & Trainers Direct Video Access
  • Feedback System for Students.
  • Technical Support and Strong Back Team
  • Customer Management Training.
  • Complete Set up and Operational Training Support 
  • Multiple Training offerings to Customers for Multiple Revenue Generation