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National Martial Arts Academy, NMAA-India, has been founded with the objective of providing high quality martial arts & fitness development programs. NMAA-India is a Martial Arts, Yoga & Fitness Academy that focuses on modern coaching methodologies and provides the most effective learning environment to produce champions of tomorrow.  

We have the exclusive Master Rights for the “Martial Arts Education Program” (MAEP) designed by “National Martial Arts Academy” for India. NMAA-India offers Martial Arts Education to the entire age group right onwards till 5 years.  

NMAA-India offers a complete Martial Arts Pathway to its Participants through an integrated Martial Arts development program with a well-defined and progressive road map. From learning the basics of fitness through fun and modified games, children get the opportunity to experience their martial arts development journey through sequential coaching programs resulting in development of their martial arts potential whilst simultaneously supporting their academic growth. Besides quality coaching, emphasis is placed on game scenario; match Practice & tournament preparation and playing performance.

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  • NMAA India has been approved as School of Fit India (Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India)

About Kiaido ( The Way of Universal Energy)
Kiai is a Japanese term used in martial arts. There are numerous examples of the battle cry in other cutlers. Kiai is perhaps primarily a development of this. In the representation of Asian martial art Kiai are often written as Hi-yah, Aiyah. Eee-yah or Kiya. Kiai appears to be compound of Ki meaning mind, breath of spirit and an Ai stem of the verb awasu to unite, therefore literally concentrated or united sprit. One should note that Ai, the conjunctive stem of the verb au, does not mean to join in emphatic marker, Kiai therefore be translated as “spirit” or spirit joined.
A Kiai master can take out an opponent with their Kiai alone, Knowing when to use a Kiai and how to properly execute and apply it are just as important as knowing the power way to kick or punch. It is a technique just the same as a kick or punch, but just not as physical. A Kiai is done by quickly exhaling and at the same time making a one syllable sound, I, HI, EE, would be good sound to use for a Kiai. You want your Kiai to be short but loud as possible. However a Kiai should not b confused with a yell. A well executed Kiai will not cause the throat to fell to raw yelling would. According to A Master “The body is approximately 70% water”. An expression of Kiai causes ripples in this water, which stills, the opponents energy. It is an instantaneous release of great power. The Chinese concept of Chi is ambiguous, Kiai as used by the actual force, It is more concrete.
Ki-power martial art was created to returns to the body connection. Ki (Japanese), Qi (Korean), Chi (Chinese) and Prana (Indian) and its hundred of means are only labels to mean the life force in all living things. It is not a mystical force or power available only to the masters. You can learn how to harness your Ki to accomplish simple and amazing thing on your life energy. How Ki can helps you because better at everything you do. Your Ki energy is very powerful, but it is only in limited periods in the body. When there is a proper amount of Ki in your body, you feel strong and energetic. If there ia an over flow or blockage, you become sick and frail. The entire practice of acupuncture is a based on Ki energy flow. When you are able to harness you are Ki, your body will have a tremendous amount of energy and focus. Your strength level triples and your joints and tender become very powerful. Your immune system becomes stronger allowing you to fight sickness easier than ever before. I can not reminder the last time I had a cold, this can be can excellent tool for keeping healthy. Kiai could be described as a spirited yell, but it is much more than that Kiai is a technique in the same way as Gyaku Tsuki, Age Tsuki, Oi Tsuki and Mae Geri, Yoko Geri Techniques. Just like any other techniques Kiai must be practiced and focused to become truly effective.
A good loud focused Kiai will accomplish a number of things immediately. It will startle your opponent, this is an opportunity you mist use to advantage, it will lift your spirits, this is particularly important if we are being threatened ad in a self defense situation when you may feel nervous or unsure. It will also focus your mind on the task at hand. Kiai must not just come from your throat, this is nothing. Kiai must come from the Hara and nowhere else. When this happens the air is forced out of your body and your abdominal muscles tense. This tensing of your abdominal muscles combines with the tensing of the rest of your body at your Kime point. Breathing in Kiaido is very important. Breathing can not be separated from correct timing and the application of our techniques. Our Techniques can not be separated from our subconscious mind; our subconscious mind can not be separated from everything else in Kiaido. Our movement, breathing, subconscious mind, correct techniques and correct timing must all be one with each other. They must be in total harmony. Kiai helps us to focus mind, breathing, timing and physical effort I the form of a technique at one moment in time. At that moment all our power is being called upon to defend or attack. This is Kiai in action. No haphazard unnecessary or sloppy movements, everything coming together at one moment in time, Relaxation followed by strong Kiai at the very moment maximum power is applied against our opponent in the form of a block or a strike.
New Martial Artist are often self conscious when performing Kiaido, sometimes I will run a short Kiai class when I notice this happening, all of us, students and master’s start off saying- say. As a master gets louder everyone must get louder and louder until the hall starts to shake. This exercise usually has the desired of removing any feeling of self consciousness.
So practice your Kiai at the Kiaido Dojo where you will not feel self-conscious. Kiai must be loud… Start off using Ki or Ai say as a Kiai. Remember Kiai must come from the Hara and nowhere else. You will soon develop something that suits you as a Kiai, some people like me use more than one Kiai depending on the moment and your mind set at time. Kiai is a technique, practice it use and it will serve you well.

  • The Meaning of Kiaido:- 
    Ki - Universal Energy, Chi, Ki, Prana, Vital Force, Power, Will, Energy.
    Ai - Gather, Focus, Direct, Govern, Balance, Harmonize, Action, Mind.
    Do - Way, Path, Dao, Method, Knowledge, Wisdom, Spirit.
    Kiai-Do:- A Martial Art - Mix-up of Yoga & Sound Therapy

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